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About Smart Bible Search

What does "Smart Bible Search understands what you're thinking" really mean anyway? There are over 30,000 verses in the Holy Bible which leads most Bible search tools to suffer from information overload and therefore return irrelevant search results. For example, if you searched for "I am" on other Bible search sites, the results would contain all verses that contain "I am" starting from Genesis and ending in Revelation. What is not considered however, is what the words "I am" taken together really mean.

Smart Bible Search was created to understand Christian lingo and therefore understand what you're searching for. This leads to more relevant search results with the verses you wanted appearing on the first page. So when a search for "I am" is made, it is understood that you want the verses that point to Jesus as the "I am". (ie. Revelation 1:8, Isaiah 44:6 John 8:58, John 8:24, John 8:28, John 13:19, Isaiah 48:12, etc..)

If you need some help finding a bible verse, you have come to the right place. This tool was made to be ideal for Bible teaching and creating Bible study lessons and Bible study. Our free bible reference tool helps you search the Bible more effectively, and helps you do keyword searches more efficiently. We asked the question, why are popular secular search engines so far ahead of Bible Software and Bible search web sites, in terms of technology used for performing keyword Bible searches. Our Bible search sites goal was to create a Bible Search Engine that surpasses the technology used in popular secular search engines, which results in very relevant results.

Here are some of the facets of what it does. First your search does not have to be perfect, and results are ordered by relevance so you find the Bible passage you are looking for faster. Also as you type our "suggestive Bible search" feature auto-suggests Bible passages as you type, helping you find passages that match that exact phrase.

Once you submit your search, your query is spell checked and auto-corrected if mistakes exist. On the next page, any Nave's Topical Bible results that were found will appear, along with the Bible verse search results. There are several categories that results are returned in, that I talk about below.

Results based on what you would see in the passage. How most Bible search sites return results, with the exception that they generally don't order results by relevance.

DYNAMIC EQUIVALENT (Thought for Thought)
The search does not have to be perfect, or even contain the actual words you are typing. Search examples would be "Jesus is God", "Jesus was sinless", "lineage of Melchizedek", "buried investment in the yard" and "Pregnancy of Mary".

There are many common phrases that appear quite frequently in the Bible that carry little meaning in some passages, and great meaning in others. Good examples would be the phrases "I AM" (appearing 953 times - NASB) and "The Way" (appearing 274 times - NASB). Since these phrases are so prevalent throughout the bible, a search using traditional Bible search software would result in primarily irrelevant results.

The problem is that traditional bible search programs where not made to understand the Biblical significance of these phrases. Ie. Jesus the "I AM" or verses that talk about the early church as "The Way."

With Smart Bible Search, queries for "I AM", "The Way" and other ambiguous phrases, order results by relevance so the verses you are really wanting appear first.

The site also returns relevant results for searches that would generally be regarded as vague, such as the search criteria "Pauls Thorn".

A classic example is the verse that talks about "The Holy Spirit conviction of sin." The problem traditional Bible search software runs into is the fact that no translation of the Bible literally contains the words "Holy Spirit" and "convicts of sin". The verse the user is really requesting is John 16:8 that states "And He, when He comes, will convict the world concerning sin and righteousness and judgment;" (NASB)

When searching the word in context, we know the "He" in John 16:8 refers to is the Holy Spirit. Unfortunately traditional Bible programs and Bible software have no way of knowing this. Smart Bible Search on the other hand does take into consideration the context, so if you do a search for "The Holy Spirit conviction of sin" or "The Holy Spirit convicts of sin" you will get the result John 16:8 appearing first.

Returns results for Biblical concepts that are not specifically mentioned word for word in the bible, but are still inferred or are common Bible study topics of Christianity, or terms and phrases used by Christians. Some examples would be "Trinity", "End Times", "Christmas", "Easter", "Omnipresent", "Omniscient" and "Omnipotent". This allows us to be your one stop Bible study guide for finding the Bible verse that say or don't say what you are looking for.

Returns relevant topical results based on single keywords, such as "Salvation", "Faith" "Prayer", and "Sin". With the addition of Nave's Topical Bible, Smart Bible Search is even more topical than ever.

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