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Bible Search Engine Features for Version 3.0

Smart Bible Search is a Bible search site that auto suggests Bible verses as you type and returns passages ordered by relevance. There are two search types which are described below.

Dynamic is the original thought for thought Bible Search. So in addition to searching the literal text of the Bible, it is topical, while associating synonyms, tenses and passages with like meaning.

Literal is created for more specific word studies, and does not match synonyms like the Dynamic search does. Literal Search is similar to other Bible search sites, with the exception that results are ordered by relevance, to provide the best Bible Passage results.

When selecting a Literal search, you then will select Tense Sensitive (matches the exact Bible verse passage text) or Tense Insensitive (matches any tenses of words found in the verse text.)

So for instance, on a Tense Insensitive search, if you type the keyword: bring, it will search for bring, brings, brought, and bringing.

The Smart Bible Search site is one of the most unique and most effective I have seen in
a long time. It really does provide accurate and efficient search results and I like it a lot.
- Pike Lambeth, Executive Vice President of The Lockman Foundation

This is the best Bible search engine I have seen so far because of its 'google-like' search ability.
- Wayne Leman, Bible translation consultant

I've been trying out your site for the last couple of days and I LOVE it! You've done a great job!
- Jeff White,

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